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Elevating Pinehurst History, Engagement & Improvement

Pinehurst was ratified (arguably) as the "Golf Capital of the World" by the General Assembly of North Carolina 1993 Session, and is also known as “the Home of American Golf.” The Pinehurst Central Historical Village was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1996.  Let us all be reminded, "The Tufts family, which founded Pinehurst in 1895, left a legacy that must be perpetually embraced.” ~ Marty McKenzie

In Celebration of Pinehurst will organize, promote, encourage, and support the Pinehurst Proud Initiative for Business Owners, Management and Staff, as-well-as Village residents who wish to participate.  

The 8 P's of the Pinehurst Proud Pledge

     be a part of the Plan - COMMIT to the (“Pinehurst Proud Initiative”)

     Pick it up – you see it you own it!  Help keep the Village clean and looking good.

     Promote the Village & Village Businesses - be an active Ambassador for Village Business

     Park Responsibly - consider visitors supporting Pinehurst businesses - park in designated lots

        & side streets vs in prime street parking.

     be Positive – about all Pinehurst businesses and Proprietors

     Participate (volunteer in the community)

     be Professional – take Pride in everything you do.  This includes keeping up your store-

        front (restaurant, business), property (inside & outside) and keep all public communications

        professional.  If you are in business serving the public, be open and stay open days and

        hours convenient to the public, not for your own preference.

     Practice the Golden Rule – treat (all) others the same as you want to be treated.

Local participants will be those committed to being Pinehurst Proud and Pledge to do their best to live by the 8 P's of Pinehurst Proud.  We are expecting VOP Admin and Council to do their part in embracing Operation Village Priority.  Additional Initiatives will be developed and promoted on the In Celebration of Pinehurst website.

Together WE can make the difference to make the Village of Pinehurst

everything it could and should be.

Pinehurst Proud Initiative




Elevating Pinehurst History, Engagement & Improvement