To Donate to In Celebration of Pinehurst (Celebrate Pinehurst, LLC), please use our 3rd-party Springly platform linked below, which professionally manages all of our donations.  You may also contact us directly for your support contribution as-well-as your interest or comments by using our Contact page.  

As a Limited Liability Company, Celebrate Pinehurst is an entity in which investors may participate and receive a good return.  Celebrate Pinehurst has a socially-conscious mission enmeshed into the framework of the business and thus tends to be a slightly lower-profit entity which values both purpose and profits (somewhat simular to a L3C corporate entity) - see the differences between non-profit, L3C and PBLLC.  To inquire about an Investment in Celebrate Pinehurst, LLC and its other business endevors, please use our Contact page to indicate your interest in further information. An Opportunitiy Summary is available to qualified accredited investors. 

All donations and investments go to support things like the promotion of our Pinehurst Proud Initiative and other Historic District improvements including other Initiatives as funds allow (which will be posted herein); expand our website, its content and offerings to further engage the community; organizational and administrative expense including professional service fees (legal, accounting, etc.), and to effectively launch other Initiatives and associated costs thereof.

Together WE can make the difference to make the Village of Pinehurst everything it could and should be.

Elevating Pinehurst History, Engagement & Improvement

Celebrate Pinehurst is a Delaware LLC registered in NC, and for its intended purposes will function as a Public Beneft LLC, reflecting its positive effect

or reduction of negative effects of an educational and charitable nature for the community of Pinehurst, NC.  It aligns the company to its public-focused


Celebrate Pinehurst, LLC lets investors, advisors, employees, and customers know about the socially-conscious mission enmeshed into the framework of the business. It also creates ease for investors to assess the business because it reports annually to its investors the company's promotion of its stated public

benefit. The statement includes:

·  the objectives the company has established to promote the public benefit;

·  the standards for measuring its progress;

·  factual information based on those standards; and

·  an assessment of the company's success in meeting its objectives.

Investment Opportunity Available

Celebrate Pinehurst, LLC is supported by a number of sources, including wholly-owned subsideraries which generate income, for the benefit of the CP socially-conscious mission and provide a good return for its investors.