In Celebration of Pinehurst Resource page will be a repository of links to Pinehurst history, proposed plans for the future, and in general links to information which provides easy access to find and stay informed.  Our Pinehurst Community Calendar will also be available as a one-stop resource for ALL Events services and Village happenings with click-through links for more detailed information (click icon below for additional information).

Key Administrative & Council Contacts

Mayor John C. Strickland

Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Pizzella

Treasurer Lydia Boesch

Councilmember Jeff Morgan

Councilmember Jane Hogeman

Jeff Sanborn, Village Manager

Jeff Batton, Asst. Village Mgr. Operations

Doug Willardson, Asst. Village Mgr.  

ALL STAFF Directory

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Elevating Pinehurst History, Engagement & Improvement

The public may submit written comments by sending an email to:

Neighborhood Advisory Committees (NAC)

• CCNC - Kara Vonderkall | Facebook Twitter

• Clarendon Gardens - Lee Thomas

Cotswold - Pat Corso

• Donald Ross – Tony Elms

• Doral Woods - Bert Higgins

• Downtown Residential - Debbie Lalor

Lake Pinehurst - Jeff Heintz | Facebook Twitter

• Lawn and Tennis - Lee Smith | Facebook

Midland Country Club - Beverly Braunschiedel

• Monticello - Tom Campbell

• Old Town (West) - Charles Collini

• Pinehurst Civic Group - Carolyn Jamison

• Pinehurst No. 6 - Claire Berggren Facebook

• Pinehurst No. 7 - Facebook

• Pinehurst Trace - Edward Balkovic | Twitter

• Pinewild - Larry Rotondo | Facebook

• St. Andrews - Lisa BomKamp

• The Woodlands - Beverly Reynolds

• Village Acres - Bill Keith | Facebook

• Walker Station - Amanda Krok | Facebook

Misc. Resources

Pinehurst Harness Track

Pinehurst on Twitter

Envision The Village

Pinehurst Matters Political Action Committee

Non-Profit Organizations of Pinehurst

Moore County Republican Party

Area VC & Angel Groups

Other Links of Interest

The Amplified Lords Prayer

The Village Chapel

Moore Alive

Area Golf Course Guild & Reservations

Pinehurst Area Golf Courses & Profiles

Pinehurst Golf Schedule

Pinehurst Area Tennis Network